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About Us

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La Fe Policy Research and Education Center (PREC) is a non-profit organization established in January 2006, to engage in policy analysis, education, leadership training, promoting civic involvement and advocacy for system changes in health and social policies.

La Fe PREC is a component of Centro de Salud Familiar- La Fe, based in El Paso, Texas. La Fe is a multiple service organization with over 40 years of social justice, advocacy and direct service delivery experience.

Our Values and Principles: Bienestar (community well-being) defines a concept that advocates for equitable access to social, economic, and health and human resources for individuals and families.

Bienestar is at the heart of La Fe PREC and affirms our cultural experience and holistic values relating to environmental quality of life conditions that either help or create barriers to improvements impacted by issues related to

  • Access to Quality Health Care
  • Levels of Education
  • Employment Opportunities Across Industries
  • Income and Financial Security
  • Housing
  • Criminal Justice System
  • Community Neighborhood and Infrastructure Improvements
  • Communications’ Media Access and Portrayal of Latinos

Our Mission

To improve the decision-making capacity of Mexican Americans leading to their increased involvement in system changes in health and social policies.

Our Vision

Mexican American families have comprehensive access to health and human resources that are available, accessible, acceptable, and accountable to their health values, decisions, and needs that positively contribute to their health and Bienestar (well-being).

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