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To our work in helping our community voice their concerns and views to policy-makers on social and health issues important to us. Our activities inform and empower our community with information that assists educating and influencing policy-makers to positively respond to our concerns. If one wants to buy book reports on the topic, leave a request via the form at

Government, corporations, and institutions develop and implement policies that impact our lives - the taxes we pay; the education or health care we receive; civil and criminal legal system; environmental safe-guards, and public transportation; to name but a few.

Our program policy and advocacy work provides an important voice to social and health issues that affect our families and community. Policies that will help enrich our history, respects our culture, and contributions to our community, state, and country as productive citizens.

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If you prefer, contact us directly by phone (210) 208-9494 or send us a donation by mail.

Checks payable to:
La Fe Policy Research and Education Center
1313 Guadalupe Street, Suite 102
San Antonio, Texas 78207

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