Camaron que se duerme se lo lleva la corriente y lo mismo pasa entre la gente.

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Policy Priorities

Our policy positions embrace the need for equitable access to education, economic opportunities, and health and human resources for individuals and families. The critical questions with most policy making are: what issue is being addressed; what populations will be affected; what are the intended benefits; what will it cost; and how will it be paid-for, and is it fair? One of the best writing services can answer that question.

Bienestar Platform and Policy Issues

Bienestar is a holistic concept integrating health, job security, housing, and education in a bi-cultural framework of physical, mental, and faith values in the Latino community.

Bienestar Platform and Policy Priorities (pdf)

Health Care Reform

We have an overarching concern with the health care reform trends toward privatization and market-driven approaches. Our position is for a single-payer or other universal health system encompassing equitable criteria for access, quality, and costs. Current efforts to reform Medicaid, Medicare and SCHIP must be monitored from a Latino policy and impact perspective.

 Profiles: Latino Health Insurance Coverage in Texas (pdf)

 Latinos and Texas Affordable Care Act Politics 2012 (pdf)

 Latinos and Texas Affordable Care Act Politics 2012 (pdf)

Latino Uninsured and Opportunities for ACA Coverage 2011 (ppt)

 What Health Care Reform Means To You (pdf)

 La Reforma de Salude que Significa Para Ti (pdf)

Patient Protection and Affordability Act 2010 (pdf)

Small Business and Latino Health under Health Care Reform 2010 (pdf)

Small Business Perspectives and Priorities for Health Care Reform 2009 (pdf)

Latina Bienestar Healthcare Reform 2009 (pdf)

Latinos and the Affordability of Health Insurance 2009 (pdf)

Senate Bill 10: Medicaid Reform Executive Summary 2008 (pdf)

Health Care Reform Policy Perspectives 2007 (pdf)

Reforming the Immigration System

Immigrants have always been important to the future of our country. The fact that we have a broken immigration system is not of their doing. Yet heightened anti-immigrant sentiments and their scapegoating are constructing barriers to citizenship. Bienestar, particularly health care, education and employment policy is being negatively impacted by the broken immigration system which requires a comprehensive reform strategy.

Immigration in Texas: Attack on Latinos 2011 (pdf)

Comprehensive Immigration Reform Brief 2009 (pdf)

Policy Positions and Testimonies


Reforma de la Salud – Health Care Reform and Latinos (Video)

Will 14,577,505 U.S./Southwest Border State Latinos Get Coverage under Health Care Reform? 2009 (pdf)

Health Care Reform: Immigrant Access to Health Insurance Coverage 2009 (Word document)

Affordable Small Business Health Insurance Coverage 2009 (pdf)

Universal Health Care NOW! 2009 (pdf)

Latino Bienestar: Healthcare Reform and SCHIP 2009 (pdf)

Legislative Agenda: Latino Health Care Access 2009 (pdf)



 Texas Budget Cuts, Inequities and Mexican American Bienestar (Well-Being) (pdf)

Testimony: Smoke-Free Texas 2011

Testimony: Teen Pregnancy Prevention 2009 (pdf)

Testimony: Reproductive Health 2009 (pdf)

Immigration Action 2009 (pdf)

Medicaid and SCHIP Action 2009 (pdf)

House Testimony: Medicaid and SCHIP March 2009 (pdf)

Testimony: Texas Committee Federal Stimulus Funds March 2009 (pdf)

Latino Health Insurance Disparities: Legislative Priorities 2009 (pdf)

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