Quien bien atiende bien aprende, si ademas de oir entiende.

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La Fe Policy Research and Education Center is committed to providing research, education and collaborative demonstration projects to support Latinos and non-Latinos in their efforts to engage policy makers and health and human service systems in promoting and improving Latino family and community Bienestar.

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Abuelos y Nietos Juntos Project

Abuelos y Nietos Juntos is a pilot family capacity building project focusing on a target group of grandparents, residing in the West Side of San Antonio, who are raising their grandchildren.

Abuelos y Nietos: A Bienestar Model 2011 (pdf)

Abuelos y Nietos Project Impacts Summary 2011 (pdf)

Latino Grandparents Raising Grandchildren (pdf)

Abuelos y Nietos Juntos Project 2009 (pdf)

     Lessons Learned - Policy Implications Nov 2008 (PowerPoint)

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Quality of Life of Mexican American Seniors

La Fe is collaborating with community organizations, public agencies, volunteers, and AARP Foundation to bring policy attention and resources to address identified concerns among Mexican American seniors.

pdf icon Community Engagement Nutrition Action (CENA) Program (pdf)

Senior Bienestar Engagement in Action Newsletter (pdf)

Latino Senior Bienestar Engagement Project (pdf)

Mexican Americans Seniors in the Texas Lower Rio Grande Valley 2009 (pdf)

Latinos and the American Recovery and Reinvestment (ARRA) Initiative

La Fe PREC is a partner with Texas Impact, Inc and an Alliance of state-based organizations to assure transparency, equity, and accountability in accepting all available Federal Recovery and Reinvestment Fund to help improve the well-being of Texans.

Our activities target Mexican American community engagement with information, education and advocacy to help impact concerns and needs such as workforce and economic development, housing, physical infrastructures, and health and human services.

Stimulus Funding for Texas Health Centers (pdf)

Latino Bienestar and the American Recovery and Reinvestment 2010 (pdf)

Texas HHS Stimulus Funding (pdf)

Latino Policy Research and Policy-Making

There are major gaps in connecting growing Latino-based research in academic institutions with the realities of policy making and whether its addressing well-documented social and health inequalities and disparities?. Policy making is invariably also political. This means engagement to impact policy making with supportive research information, and support from public representatives, and organized community groups and organizations.

Latino Research Impact on Policy Making (pdf)

Latino Research Policy Making 2010 (pdf)

Tobacco ‘Clean-Air’ Initiative

La Fe has joined the National Latino Tobacco Control Network (NLTCN) targeted to build leadership, inform, support and energize a National Network of tobacco control experts and activists to work with Latino communities. The purpose is to address the health burdens created by tobacco consumption by promoting policies targeting youth prevention and smoke-free environments.

We will work with public, non-profit and civic organizations, and coalitions with particularly attention to making Texas a ‘Clean Indoor Air’ state. Texas’s national ranking in tobacco prevention is low and state and local clean indoor air policies are weak in far too many communities. Our children are the most vulnerable in exposures to smoking environment which negatively impacts their health and undermines their overall development.

Latinos and Texas Quitline 2013 (pdf)

Gracias Por No Fumar 2012 (pdf)

Latino Tobacco Prevention, Workers Rights and Policy Change 2011 (pdf)

Texas Smoking Quitline and Latinos (pdf)

Gracias Por No Fumar (pdf)

Smoke-Free Texas: Health and Economic Benefits (doc)

Smoke-Free Texas: A Health and Workers' Rights Issue (ppt)

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