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"Social Determinates" of Health and Bienestar

Latino Advocates have known for over 30 years what researchers now call social determinates and their impact on the health and well-being of populations. Equal access to education, job security, housing, and safety are examples of social determinates. Research helps us to understand our diversity, issues, ideas and solutions to address our concerns. At https://essayswriters.com/ our essays writers are working with educational resources to further their knowledge and continue producing quality articles.

Hispanic Diversity

Hispanics are a "population in motion" in terms of our growth, origin and nativity, language and culture, and where we live in the United States. Our demographic, social and economic characteristics provide a snapshot of who we are.

Texas Landscape: Origin and Citizenship 2009 (pdf)

Texas Landscape: Demographic and Socio-Economic 2009 (pdf)

La Familia (Family) Profiles

The Bienestar and health of Hispanic Women is the foundation for the strength and resiliency of our families. Our children and our elders reflect our future and our wisdom to further empower us to be healthy, educated, productive adults and citizens.

 Latino Obesity Crisis: An equity perspective in school prevention efforts (pdf)

 Grandparents Raising Grandchildren - Texas and San Antonio 2010 (pdf)

Financial Security of Mexican American Seniors 2010 (pdf)

BIENESTAR (Well-Being) of Latino Seniors 2009 (pdf)

Teen Births by Texas Economic Regions 2008 (pdf)

Adolescent Health 2007 (pdf)

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren - San Antonio 2007 (pdf)

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren - National 2007 (pdf)

Health Insurance Coverage

The current level of health insurance coverage of Hispanics is devastatingly low. Equality in health care access is the first step to improving and maintaining good health.

Latino Bienestar and Health Insurance Inequities (pdf)

Texas Landscape: Access to Health Insurance 2009 (pdf)

Texas Landscape: Government Health Insurance 2009 (pdf)

Latino Issues in Texas and Southwest Border States

Latinos in the Southwestern United States comprise 65% of all Hispanics in the country. The southwest encompasses the U.S./Mexico Border which has added social, economic, cultural and health influences throughout the United States.

Hispanic Inequity in Texas Medical Education 2012 (pdf)

Hispanic Inequity in Texas Dental School Enrollment (pdf)

U.S/Mexico Border: Access to Healthcare 2008 (pdf)

U.S/Mexico Border: Demographic Profile 2008 (pdf)

U.S/Mexico Border: Health Professions Shortage 2008 (pdf)

Texas on the Brink (pdf)

U.S/Mexico Border: Education 2008 (pdf)

U.S/Mexico Border: Impact and Issues 2008 (pdf)

Nursing Impact and Issues 2007 (pdf)

The Future of Latino Health and the ACA Summit
December 13 - 14, 2012
Dinner Keynote (pdf)

Summit Keynote (pdf)

Panel 1 - Medicaid Expansion and Women’s Health Program (pdf)

Panel 2 - ACA Expanding Access- FQHC, Health Exchange and Small Business (pdf)

Panel 3 - Immigrant Access to Care (pdf)
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