Every moment is an organizing opportunity, every person a potential activist, every minute a chance to change the world. ~Dolores Huerta

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Take Action

Public policies at all levels of government and the private sector are impacting our communities. We must continually organize and respond proactively in developing policies that address economic, social, and health inequalities confronting our children, families, and communities. We must also increase our voter participation and hold public representatives and institutions accountable for their legislative actions. If you prefer to order term papers, leave a request via the contact form at the site.

Action Alerts - National Issues

Federal Drug Administration (FDA) Ban on Menthol Cigarettes in the United States Resolution (pdf)

December 2011: Implementing the Affordable Care Act

Medicaid and Medicare Cuts Harmful to Latino Bienestar (pdf)

Bola de Ladrones: Federal and State Budget Crises (pdf)

La Fe PREC Commentary:
Mi (My) Doctor and the Affordable Care Act (pdf)

NHCR Implementation Q & A Sources:


December 2011: Immigration
Know the issues. Get involved for human rights and equality.

Dream Act We must continue to fight to provide undocumented young people (lived in U.S. more than 5 yrs.) a path for legal status if they attend college for 2-yrs or joining the military.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform: We believe in providing a legal path to citizenship or legalization for the 12 million undocumented in this country.
Congressional Hispanic Caucus


Action Alert - State Issues

83rd Legislature Denies Equality in Health Care Access 2013 (pdf)

Texas Legislators Undermining the Bienestar of Latinos: Actions Needed (pdf)

Follow Reform Immigration for Texas Alliance (RITA) on Facebook

Immigration in Texas: Attack on Latinos (pdf)

Immigration Update

After a long hard battle and the hard work from a statewide effort by coalitions and individuals, Latinos and fellow Texans were able to defeat the majority of anti-immigration bills proposed. Only 4 of over 80 anti-immigrant bills were passed and neither was among the most harmful for our community.

Summary overview of the 82nd Legislature on Immigration:
TRUST report (English) pdf
TRUST report (Spanish) pdf

Texas Budget Crisis

Texas, along with the rest of the nation, is amid changes and economic challenges. The State’s demographics are changing and we need to continue strengthening public education, creating new jobs, and improving our social and health safety nets. Too many Texans, including our state government, are struggling to make ends-meet. It’s imperative we find a balanced approach between addressing the State's needs and the underlying structural revenue deficits that jeopardizes our future prosperity. We believe that shared prosperity and responsible government is possible.

Texas Budget Crisis: Impact on Latinos (pdf)

Key Committees on Budget and Health

Key Committees that are working on the State Budget Crisis including education, health and social services ‘cuts’ below:

Download Letter to Representative John Zerwas (pdf)

Redistricting and New Congressional Seat

Texas Redistricting is underway and strengthening Latino voices in electing their representatives is critical. The Texas Latino Redistricting Task Force is united to achieve equitable redistricting plans for Texas. Read more ...

Smoke-Free Texas

Let’s make Texas a Tobacco Clean Air state for health and economic sake. Texans and the majority of Latinos favor making all the state’s workplaces, restaurants and bars smoke-free. Contact your representative, read more on legislation



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